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Vivani – Organic Dark Chili Chocolate 70% (100g)


Organic Dark Chocolate with Fiery notes of Chili

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The finest Arriba beans, from small farmers’ organisations in the rain forests of Ecuador, give our chocolate its incomparable aroma.

Dried chili pods give this chocolate bar a fiery note.
The cocoa beans come from the small farming cooperatives in the rain forests of Ecuador, the original home of cocoa.

What is organic chocolate?
Vivani organic chocolate – A total sensual pleasure, a sign of our responsibility to the ecosystem, and improvements in the social conditions of the people in the countries which supply the ingredients.

Organic chocolate is basically no different from the chocolate we used to eat as children – except that it is made with organic ingredients! The way the fine organic chocolate mass is processed scarcely differs from that used in making traditional chocolate.
But there are a few small differences, which have huge effects…

The fruits of the cocoa tree – the cocoa pods.
It goes without saying that we use only the finest ingredients in our organic chocolate.
One decisive difference is that, thanks to the ingredients we select and the long conching process, we are able to do without added emulsifiers (like soy lecithin) in our organic chocolate. This makes it impossible for our chocolate to contain any traces of genetically manipulated soybeans.
In addition we use raw cane sugar as a sweetener: this is not always the case in every organic chocolate. Using this sugar not only means that more minerals are retained (by comparison with completely refined white sugar), but also that there is nothing to interfere with the inherent ”cocoa” taste. The end result is that our organic chocolate tastes delightfully ”chocolaty”.

We take great care to ensure that our organic chocolate fulfils high quality demands; at the same time it is fundamentally important that we make a contribution to maintaining healthy agricultural methods in the countries which supply the raw materials for a good organic chocolate.

Covering cocoa beans with banana leaves for fermentation.
The fundamental principles of ecological agriculture naturally apply to the raw materials we use in our organic chocolate. Growing cocoa, cane sugar and all the other ingredients which are decisive to making a mouth-watering bar of chocolate, in an ecological manner, has further wide-ranging, positive effects. Organic methods are particularly sensible in the case of cocoa-growing.