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  • Solal – 5-HT1™ 30 Capsules

    INTRODUCING SOLAL® 5-HT1TM Unique delta-KNX™, a purified extract from Sceletium; effectively enhancing your mood, improving sleep and reducing anxiety.

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  • Solal – Acetyl-L-Carnitine 30 Capsules

    Cellular and mitochondrial energiser for brain and heart protection.

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  • Solal – Ashwagandha Extract 500mg 60 Caps

    Preliminary research suggests ashwagandha suppresses stress-induced increases of dopamine receptors in the brain.

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  • Solal – Beta-Sitosterol 60 Capsules

    Beta-sitosterol, a natural plant wax, reduces the absorption of dietary cholesterol by the body, thereby promoting improved cholesterol levels. It also helps restore healthy immune system balance. In men, beta-sitosterol supports the prostate and promotes healthy urinary flow.

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  • Solal – Burnout Adrenal Support 60 Capsules

    For Exhaustion and Adrenal Support

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  • Solal – CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 1000mg 90 Softgel Capsules

    CLA (a type of omega 6 fatty acid) supports weight loss and improves body composition when used as part of a calorie controlled diet and exercise program.

    CLA contains no stimulants, unhealthy or banned substances.

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  • Solal – Co-Enzyme Q10 60 Caps

    Co-enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant for general health and a healthy heart.

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  • Solal – Curcumin Novasol 30 Caps

    Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant with multiple health benefits.

    Formulated with NovaSOL® nanotechnology:
    185x better bioavailability than regular curcumin

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  • Solal – Double Vitamin C 90 Capsules

    The first water and fat soluble combination (in a non-acidic buffered formulation) vitamin C in South Africa: for complete body protection.

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  • Solal – Full Spectrum Vitamin E 30 Capsules

    The only vitamin E product to supply all eight vitamin E forms

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  • Solal – Garcinia 2x with Chromium 60 Capsules

    Garcinia-2x™ contains a concentrated Garcinia cambogia extract, as well as chromium, to help control appetite and metabolise carbohydrates.

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  • Solal – Ginkgo Biloba Extract 90 Caps

    Herbal medicinal product for the improvement of (age-associated) cognitive impairment and of quality of life in mild dementia.

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