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Afrigetics – Detox 60 Vegicaps


Serving size: 2 capsules

Servings per container: 30

Active ingredients mg/capsule

Aloe arborescens: 200mg

Aloe ferox crystals: 25mg

Zeolite: 50mg

Activated charcoal: 5mg

Directions for use:

2 capsules daily, 100% vegetable capsules.


One of the cornerstones of all systems of natural healing is the cleansing of the gut. The Detox formulation relies on Aloe ferox and Aloe arborescens that are renowned for their healing, soothing and cleansing properties in the colon. Together they work to eliminate excessive residues of waste stored in the gut, soothe an inflamed intestinal wall and stimulate peristalsis. We’ve added Zeolite and charcoal that act like sponges in the body to absorb residual toxins so that they can be safely eliminated and not reabsorbed.

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