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Royal Nutrition – Soup Mix – Thai Coconut Curry 400g (6 Servings)


All in 1 Soup mix – Thai Coconut Curry

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All in 1 Soup mix – Thai Coconut Curry

This is an All in 1, easy to make Soup mix – Just add water and cook for average 30 minutes.

It contains Lentils & Mung Beans, delicious spices, Coconut cream powder , a natural thickener and real and dehydrated vegetables. It does not have any added MSG, No Artificial Flavorants, No Fillers & No GMO Starches

You can add some meat to this and if you prefer a stew, instead of a soup, you just need to add less water. A wonderful product to have in your cupboard, for days that you don’t have much time to cook and don’t have much in the fridge

Ingredients: Lentils, Mung beans, Coconut Cream powder (Coconut, Tapioca, Anti-caking agent), Tapioca starch, Sea salt, Onion flakes, Dehydrated vegetables (Carrot, potato, cabbage, spinach), Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika. Garlic, Lemon, Black pepper

No Flavorants / No added MSG / No GMO / Gluten Free