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The Ultimate Kitchen Tool for creative and easy Spiralizing on Fruit, Vegetables & MORE


A Spyra-Gyra is a kitchen tool that turns fruit and vegetables into creative slices. By definition ‘Spiralizing is the art of turning vegetables and fruits into noodles, spaghetti and curly strands’. These sliced vegetables are great for easy stir fry, pasta, deep-frying prep and making great garnishes. There are various models of spiralizers available on the market but they also basically function the same, like a pencil sharpener. The produce is rotated until it comes into contact with the blade where is it cut. A simple turn of the hand delivers effortless vegetable spirals that could easily be found in the pages of your favourite food magazine.

The Spyra-Gyra is made from durable food-safe plastic and the blades are stainless steel. To be able to cut the produce into different shapes and sizes, it is supplied with interchangeable blades. The interchangeable blades create different textures, ribbons, thick spirals and thin spirals or shreds.

It also has a toothed rotating disks holds the vegetable securely into place and protects the fingers from the cutting surface and the blades. Suction feet keep the Spyra-Gyra from slipping and the handle provides extra leverage when necessary.

Other models include the hand held model which literally works like a sharpener, the produce is inserted on the one end and rotated, cutting the produce without exposing your fingers to the blade or the cutting surface. This model does not offer the same versatility of the interchangeable blades like the Spyra-Gyra.

The Spyra-Gyra is manually operated and are therefore very eco friendly.

The Spyra-Gyra is:
Versatile – it can be used to slice an abundance of vegetables such as carrots, turnips, zucchini, cucumber, potatoes and radishes. Can also be used for hard fruits such as pears and apples.
Easy to operate.
Safe to use.
Easy to store.
Raw food friendly.