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Vitaforce – Ladyvite Maternity 60 Tablets


Multivitamin & Mineral for Pre-Conception, Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding


Vitaforce Ladyvite maternity is a comprehensive 2-Phase Release multivitamin and mineral formula to meet the micronutrient needs of women during pre-conception as well as during pregnancy and breast-feeding

Pregnant and breast-feeding women have an increased need for various micronutrients which are very difficult to meet through diet alone. LADYVITE MATERNITY provides a broad range of essential micronutrients to support your health and your baby’s development.

* Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and a safe form of Vitamin A.
* B-complex vitamins released in divided doses through the day help to maintain energy levels.
* Folic acid is essential to ensure optimal growth and reproduction of body cells as well as reduce the risks of neural tube defects (NTD).
* Iron is essential for the formation of red blood cells. Iron requirements increase significantly in pregnancy especially during the second and third trimester.
* Zinc is important for cell formation and development especially in early pregnancy.

VITAFORCE LADYVITE MATERNITY is ideal for women during pre-conception as well as during pregnancy and breast-feeding. It is also recommended that you supplement your diet with additional calcium and omega 3. We recommend that you add Vitaforce Calcium Plus and Vitaforce Omega Plus to your daily multivitamin for optimum nutrition during pregnancy.

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
Contains no lactose, egg, gluten, yeast, salt or caffeine.

Doses and instructions for use
Before, during and after pregnancy: two tablets to be taken once a day with breakfast Breast-feeding women: two tablets to be taken once a day with breakfast Keep out of reach of children Store below 25ºC Keep well sealed and protected from light.

Suitable for

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