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DNA – Cardio-Fast 60 Vegicaps


For a Healthy Cardio-Vascular System.


Cardio-Fast contains unique synergistic combinations of phytonutrients specifically designed to:

* Promote excellent circulation
* Help normalize blood pressure levels* Improve good HDL cholesterol
* Improve your LDL/HDL ratio
* Reduce your triglycerides
* Reduce clot-causing fibrin
* Curb free radical oxidation of cholesterol in your heart and arteries
* Lower your C-Reactive Protein
* Strengthen your heart and arteries
* Improve blood vessel flexibility
* Shield you against cardiovascular inflammation
* Improve blood flow and viscosity
* Enhance your overall cardiovascular health.

Cardiofast Capsules contain:
Emblica Officinalis (AMLA) – 60mg
Terminalia Arjuna – 80mg
Crataegus (Hawthorne) – 80mg
Curcumin Longa (Turmeric) – 60mg
Magnesium – 40mg
EDTA – 40mg
Tribulus Terrestris – 40mg

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