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other beverages

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  • Cape Dutch Chocolate – Coconut Hot Chocolate – Vegan 28g

    A rich cocoa hot chocolate with a coconut flavour.

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  • Cape Dutch Chocolate – Dark Thick Chocolate (Sugar & Sweetener Free) 255g

    A premium dark, rich and thick Hot Chocolate, simply to die for. Add your choice of sweetener.

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  • Cape Dutch Chocolate – Hazelnut Hot Choc (with Coconut Sugar) 280g

    A lovely Hazelnut flavored Hot Chocolate rich in Cocoa, sweetened with Low GI Coconut Sugar.

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  • Cape Dutch Chocolate – Malty Chocolate (Unsweetened) 32g

    An unsweetened creamy comforting Malt drink with a subtle chocolate flavour.

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  • Cape Dutch Chocolate – Mint Hot Chocolate 18g

    This hot chocolate is rich in cocoa with a delicious subtle Mint Flavor.

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  • Cape Dutch Coconut – Coconut Cream Powder 200g

    Our premium high fat coconut cream powder is instantly soluble with water to bring the exotic taste of tropical coconut aroma and flavour to your cooking and baking.

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  • Cape Dutch Coffee – Cappuccino Marula Fruit (Coconut Sugar) 25g

    This is a delicious Instant Cappuccino mix, with a Marula Fruit flavor, that is lightly sweetened with Coconut Sugar

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  • Cape Dutch Coffee – Cappuccino Raw Cacao (Unsweetened) 20g

    This is a delicious Mocha Cappuccino, that is nice & strong Coffee & Cacao flavor, with No Artificial Flavorants.

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  • Coco Xim Organic Unsweetened Coconut Water (330ml, 1L)

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  • Health Connection – Nutty Milk Powder 300g

    This coconut and almond “nutty” milk powder makes a delicious substitute for cow’s milk

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  • Health Connection – Rice Milk Powder 500g

    Lactose Free Rice Milk Powder

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  • okja. – Just Now Cacao 1 litre

    Chocolate reminds us that we are all connected to each other and to our planet.

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