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Sun Protection

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  • Back 2 Nature – Face & Body Mineral Sun Shield SPF 20 150ml

    Back 2 Nature is an affordable range of skincare products hand made in small batches, with shear love and gratitude towards Nature in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

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  • Back 2 Nature – Surf Zinc 50g (Fair, Dark)

    This biodegradable facial sunblock is safe for our oceans & precious marine life, as well a your skin.

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  • Daylight Glasses Aviator

    Daylight Glasses Aviator from TrueDark are day-time junk light blockers that beautifully combine science and style.

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  • Daylight Glasses Elite

    Truedark® yellow eyewear is ideal for users who work, live and play in environments that are lit with artificial blue light emitting fixtures and devices such as TVs, computers, tablets, phones etc.

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  • Eli&you Active Natural Sunscreen SPF40+ 100ml

    “With a certified SPF of 40+, this natural sunscreen is the ultimate in safe, long-lasting sun protection for daily use and during extended sun exposure.”

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  • Gaia Organics – Bio-Nutricell Day Face Lotion (Green) 100ml

    Green Range – Organic Pigment Regulating SPF Day Cream

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  • Gaia Organics – Cell Regenerating Cream (Green) 50ml

    Regenerating Cream for Mild Sun Protection or as a Night Repair.
    Mature/Dry Skin – Green Range

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  • Gaia Organics – Extreme UV Sun Defence 250ml

    Zinc Oxide Face and Body Sun Lotion

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  • Gaia Organics – Extreme UV Sunblock 30+ 100ml

    Unlike seriously harmful chemical sunscreens, this formula ensures the safest immediate essential broad-spectrum protection possible without the incorporation of any proprietary synthetic sun-screening chemicals.

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  • Gaia Organics – Nutricell Body Lotion (Green) 250ml

    Soothing & Healing – Mild Sun Protection.

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  • Le Naturel – Natural Sunscreen 100g

    It is safe for the whole family.

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  • Oh-lief – Natural Body Sunscreen (SPF30) 100ml

    Unscented and Preservative Free & Water Resistant for the whole family.

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