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Skin, Hair & Nails

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  • Arnigel 75g

    ARNIGEL® is a homeopathic medicine used as a topical supportive treatment of minor injuries.

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  • Beauty Gen Beauty Greens 5-in1 Blueberry 450g

    This boosting red blend is rich in beetroot. Beetroot, rich in nitrates, improves blood flow throughout the body. This helps to lower blood pressure, improve poor circulation and boost brain performance. Beetroot also enhances athletic performance and boosts stamina and endurance – helping you to exercise for longer.

    Here’s what’s inside our 5-in-1 beauty solution:

    Peptan® Collagen: which promotes plump, wrinkle-free, supple skin and strengthens nails

    Dairy-free Probiotics: which alleviate skin issues, hydrate the skin, promote thick, shiny hair, while strengthening and nourishing your nails

    Omega-3’s: which tackle skin issues, strengthen skin barrier function, combat dry scalp and brittle hair, and help strengthen brittle nails too

    50 Organic Superfoods: which improve all processes in the body and fight the signs of ageing with antioxidants

    Buffered Vitamin C: which helps with the uptake of collagen in the body, diminishes skin discolouration, provides anti-ageing antioxidants, and combats hair fall and premature greying

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  • Beauty Gen Naked Collagen 360g

    ight the visible signs of ageing with Pure Hydrolysed Peptan® Collagen. The smaller, easily digestible peptides are identical to collagens in the body that decrease as we age. Every serving boosts wellness and mobility; enhances joint and bone health and improves your athletic performance. Our high purity collagen is free from added ingredients and neutral in taste, integrating seamlessly into your diet.

    Simply mix a single serving of Naked Collagen® into your favourite drink or food – sweet or savoury.

    • Blend into smoothies
    • Mix into oats or soup
    • Stir into water or juice
    • Add into tea or coffee.
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    Collagen Plus – Green Apple Drink 450g

    Bio-Active Aesthetica Drinkable Collagen Apple flavour 450g

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  • SALE!

    Collagen Plus – Lemon Fresh Drink 450g

    DRINKABLE COLLAGEN for optimum connective tissue, health & hydration

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    Collagen Plus – Refreshing Red Berry 450g

    DRINKABLE COLLAGEN for optimum connective tissue, health & hydration

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  • Coyne – Biomax® Vitamin B Complex 30 Vegicaps

    Biomax® Activated Vitamin B Complex

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  • Credé – Jojoba Oil 100ml

    Jojoba oils ideally suited for aromatherapy massage, and skincare purposes. Jojoba oil is an excellent skin moisturiser.

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  • DNA – Derma Kure (Cream 100ml, Spray 50ml)

    DNA Biopharm Derma-Kure cream

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  • Good Health – Imaglow 60 Capsules


    Antioxidant skin protection that Hydrates and Rejuvenates

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  • Health Connection – Collagen Powder 200g

    Hydrolyzed collagen, sourced from pasture-fed cows. 90% protein, excellent solubility, no added sugar or flavouring.

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  • Health Nut – Hydrolysed Collagen 300g

    Health Nut Hydrolysed Collagen 300g

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