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DNA – Derma Kure (Cream 100ml, Spray 50ml)


Whenever your Skin needs Soothing or Healing



Derma Kure Cream and Wound Spray are your first choice in the treatment of the following:

* Leg and foot ulcers
* Cuts and abrasions
* Nappy Rash
* Fever blisters and cold sores.
* Burns and sunburn

Derma Kure promotes debridement of necrotic tissue and desloughing of excess exudates. It promotes granulation and at the same time protects the newly formed granulated tissue. In this way wound healing is quicker and with less complications as the wound bed is kept moist and undisturbed.

Derma-Kure contains Calendula, a natural antiseptic remedy that promotes healing and fights infection. Calendula reduces the burning and stinging sensation associated with deep ulceration and wounds by relieving the pain in injured areas rich in nerves. All the other ingredients are homeopathically combined to promote granulation, speed up tissue growth and increase subcutaneous circulation.

Herbal Treatment for:
* Cuts and Abrasions
* Burns and Scalds
* Nappy Rash
* Sunburn
* Acne
* Fever Blisters
* Shingles

A synergistic blend of Syzgium, Calendula, Lycopodium, Cantharis, Graphitis, Nat Sulph, and Acid Phos.

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100ml Cream – R85.14, 50ml Spray R94.60