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DNA – Osteo-Fast 60 Vegicaps


Joint Repair Formula


Osteo-Fast is a synergistic blend of selected herbs that alleviate the symptoms of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteo-Fast keeps the cartilage in joints healthy, relieves pain and inflammation and help repair previously damaged cartilage.

Osteo-Fast contains the following herbal extracts:
Cetyl myristoleate.

CMO improves the symptoms of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and reduces pain and improves mobility.

Boswellia Serratta is effective in reducing pain, stiffness and improving walking distance without pain.

Salix alba is used to ease pain and reduce inflammation.

MSM is a chemical found in plants, animals, and humans. MSM is used for chronic pain, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis and tendonitis.

Turmeric Extract (Curcumin)
In a study of osteoarthritis patients, those who added curcumin to their treatment plan, had reduced pain and increased mobility, whereas the control group, which received no curcumin, had no significant improvements.

For optimal benefits, Osteo-Fast should be used in conjunction with Arthro-Fast Capsules.

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