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DNA – Pulmo-Fast 60 Vegicaps


Herbal Supplement for Healthy Lungs.
Relieves the Symptoms of Asthma


Your respiratory system is constantly working. All day, every day, it is the vehicle for oxygen to enter your body. Unfortunately, it can also be an entry point for pollutants, irritants, dust, mould, fungus, harmful organisms, and other toxins. Unless you’re living in a bubble, the constant assault from impurities can take its toll.

Fortunately, whether you’re experiencing the negative effects of inhaling toxins, or simply want to ensure your lungs are always at peak performance, nature has provided a number of herbs and botanicals that provide deep nutrition for the respiratory system.

How are the herbs in Pulmo-Fast beneficial for the respiratory system?

* Herbs that support lung health typically do so by offering one or more of the following benefits:
* Acting as an expectorant — which helps break up and expel chest congestion.
* Soothing irritated nasal passages and airways.
* Relaxing the muscles near the upper respiratory system to quell a cough.
* Calming the release of histamines.
* Fighting the harmful organisms that can produce upper respiratory problems.
* As a source of antioxidants, reducing oxidative damage and redness.

Each 400mg Capsule contains

Astragalus Root – 50mg
Chaparral – 50mg
Arluna Bark – 50mg
Boswellia Serratta – 70mg
Lobelia – 50mg
Elecampane – 50mg
Oregano – 30mg
Mullein – 50mg

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