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A.Vogel – Echinaforce® Echinacea Drops (30ml, 50ml,100ml)


Recommended as supportive therapy for colds and chronic infection of the upper respiratory tract and lower urinary tract.



Echinaforce® is a herbal remedy used for the symptomatic relief of colds, influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions.

It helps the body fight the symptoms of these infections by supporting the immune system, helping to maintain the body’s resistance.

Echinaforce® is produced using extracts of freshly harvested, organically grown Echinacea purpurea herb and root, picked fresh and used within 24 hours of harvest. The benefit of using freshly harvested herbs has been demonstrated in research – extracts produced from fresh plants contain almost 3 times more active substances compared with those obtained from equivalent amounts of dried herb*.

Echinaforce® Echinacea Drops: This is the original Echinacea extract formulated by Alfred Vogel and contains the tinctures of Echinacea purpurea herb and root. 0.6ml drops contains the equivalent of 285mg whole fresh plant. Also contains 65%v/v ethanol.

Side Effects
Do not use Echinaforce® Echinacea Drops or Tablets if you are:
Allergic to products containing Echinacea
Pregnant – consult your healthcare practitioner first
Breastfeeding – consult your healthcare practitioner first
Individuals who suffer from any form of autoimmune disease must pleae consult their healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Prophylactic Use:
Adults: 20 drops of tincture in a small amount of water, once daily.
Children (from 4 years): One drop per year of age ie 5 drops for a 5 year old, 8 for an 8 year old, in a small amount of water, 2 to 3 times daily.

Acute Use:
Adults: 20 drops in a small amount of water, 3 to 5 times daily
Children (from 4years): One drop per year of age, 3 times daily

Echinaforce® Echinacea drops and tablets are for oral use only. For external use of an Echinacea extract, please see our page on Echinacea cream.
Do not take more than the recommended dose. Taking too much (overdose) is unlikely to be harmful.

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30ml, 50ml, 100ml