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A.Vogel – Multiforce Alkaline Powder (105g, 225g)


Assists in the maintenance of acid/alkaline balance

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Multiforce Alkaline Powder is an organic multi-mineral, systemic alkalising product, specifically formulated as a dietary supplement to enhance certain physiological processes in the maintenance of optimal mineral and acid-base balance in the human body thereby contributing to general well being.

Many foods and drinks, especially meat, dairy products, sugar, coffee and alcohol are acid forming. Without adequate alkaline minerals, which are necessary to offset increases in acidity, your body struggles to maintain its internal acid/alkaline levels.
This impacts your general health and energy levels, leading to many common health niggles such as heartburn, headaches and gout. Multiforce Alkaline Powder contains readily absorbable forms of calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals support the organs involved in maintaining and correcting the acid/alkaline balances in the body.

Benefits and features

* Proven to increase urinary pH which means there is less acidity in the body
* Magnesium Hydrogenium phosphate acts as a digestive antacid
* Calcium citrate has phosphate-binding properties which results in alkalinity
* Magnesium citrate has a bowel cleansing effect
* Potassium Bicarbonate has blood alkalinising properties and acts on metabolic acidosis
* Magnesium citrate has a bowel cleansing effect
* Potassium citrate has a diuretic and alkalinising effect on the urine by combining with calcium and acid in the kidneys (this also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones)
* Dicalciumphosphate 2-Hydrate is an easily absorbed calcium which helps controls acidity while building bones and helping prevent bone loss, and as an aid to reducing blood pressure and cardiac ailments
* Acerola extract has antioxidant properties

Side Effects and Special Precautions
Patients on calcium and potassium free diets should take care.
A.Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder has no known drug interactions.
Patients on beta blockers for heart disorders or who have renal failure should consult their doctor before using Multiforce. In the presence of reduced renal function, hyperkalaemia, hypercalcaemia and alkalosis may be produced.

Multiforce® Alkaline Powder can be used daily as part of a health management programme by adults and children over the age of 6 years.

Adults: Add a heaped teaspoon or medicine measure (7.5g) to a large glass of water, stir well and drink once a day on an empty stomach.

Children 6-12 years: Half a medicine-measure daily.

Dosage may be increased by adults to 15g (two heaped teaspoons) per day if needed.

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105g, 225g