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DNA – Carb-Fast 90 Vegicaps


Assists the body in maintaining optimal Weight and improves Glucose Control.


DNA Carb-Fast is an advanced natural supplement that maintains and keeps the the glucose/insulin balance and body weight at an optimal level. It contains a spectrum of herbal extracts which help in reduction of excess weight. DNA Carb-Fast helps regulate insulin secretion (Insulin increases the storage of fat in fat cells and prevents the cells from releasing it for energy) and balances blood sugar which leads to lean body mass as less sugar is stored as fat.

Our synergistic formula addresses the following:

* Assists the body in balancing Leptin and Ghrelin levels
* Helps to increase the lean body mass
* Decreases body fat accumulation.
* Stimulates the release of fatty acids from the body fat for energy uptake.
* Detoxifies and regenerates the liver.
* Keeps blood glucose levels stable.
* Provides antioxidant benefits.
* Makes the person feel full for longer.
* Supports general fitness and overall well-being.

Each Carb-fast capsule contains:
Silymarin 80% – 50mg
Gymnema Sylvestre – 50mg
Fenugreek – 50mg
LeanGard® – 175mg
Phaseolus Vulgaris – 25mg
Curcumin Extract – 25mg
Cinnamon Extract – 25mg

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