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Earthsap – Dustbin & Outdoor Cleaner Spray 500ml


Natural Dustbin & Outdoor Cleaner for safe effective cleaning without the use of toxic harmful chemicals.


Earthsap dustbin and outdoor cleaner, uses soap to loosen dirt, and microbials which release enzymes that break down dirt, fats and odorous compounds, cleaning without the use of toxic harmful chemicals.

Useful for cleaning bins, outdoor furniture & equipment, loading docks and food areas.

Having experience with over 15 years in the manufacture of regular consumer toiletry products, we decided to apply that expertise to the manufacture of non-toxic and environmentally safe household, cleaning , skin and bath products branded under the name EarthsapTM. EarthsapTM products are designed to work like their traditional counterparts, but use only natural, renewable, and non-toxic ingredients that are 100% biodegradable. Our products do not contain components that are toxic and they don’t create fumes or leave residues that may affect the health of humans and pets. Our products contain no dyes, and are never tested on animals. Our ingredients are sourced from many countries, but from SA where ever possible.

Product Benefits of EarthsapTM :
• Non-toxic
• No petrochemicals like optical brighteners and NTA/EDTA
• No chlorine or chlorine bleach
• No phosphates
• No dyes
• No acids
• No caustics
• No heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium
• No VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals)
• No unpleasant fumes
• No harmful residues
• No synthetic preservatives,
• Not tested on animals
• No CFCs and HCFCs
• Safe for septic and grey water systems
• Biodegradable
• Renewable ingredients

The 500ml spray is ready to use. Spray directly onto surfaces that need cleaning. Use a scouring pad to loosen medium to hard dirt, and wipe clean with a cloth. Rinsing afterwards is not required, and for odour control it is better not to rinse.

Saponified coconut extract, micro organisms, sodium carbonate, citric acid, lavender, aniseed, citrus essential oil.

Made in SA