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Elzed Seed Sprouter


Three Tiered Seed Sprouter for easy to make and Nutritious sprouts.

(Colours are not always available – please email us to confirm which ones are available)

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Sprouted seeds provide us with a very nutritious vitamin packed food. Free of any preservatives and yet very economical. As seeds sprout they become rich in many food elements essential to humans, and the levels of vitamins in the B, C and E groups rise substantially. The sprouts are also rich in minerals, protein and fibre yet remain very low in kilojoules.

There are many kinds of seeds that can be used for sprouting:
Mung beans
Sesame seeds
Japanese radish
These are but a few that are readily available from most Health Shops.

How to make sprouts using the Elzed Sprouter:
Simply place 10 to 20 grams of seeds in each tray. Pour into the lid 200ml of cold water twice a day. empty the base at the same time.

Do not add too much seed. It is important to have the seeds draining well or they may rot. Water at least twice a day. (more often in hot weather). Seeds may become mouldy if not kept damp enough.
Different seeds may be mixed on the same tier but it is best to use seeds that take the same time to germinate.

Full instructions and recipes enclosed

Produce your own low calorie nutritious salads all year around.

Minimum attention required for perfect results.

Never use seeds for sprouting that are intended for planting as the seeds may have been chemically treated to prevent various plant diseases and could be poisonous. Also do not use seeds intended for consumption by pets.

Seeds should be whole and not split or dehusked.

Check carefully for broken or discolored seeds, small stones and other foreign material.