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Lifematrix – Colostrum Powder 100g


Potent Immune-Booster and Digestive Aid


Lifematrix Colostrum powder is imported from the USA, our powder is certified free from hormones and anti-biotics

Colostrum powder from cow’s milk, soy, lecithin

Contains allergens: Cow’s milk and Lecithin (soy)
Contains Lactose

More about Colostrum Powder
Colostrum is a pre-milk fluid that contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals, it is produced by mammals prior to the first breastfeeding.

After the first feeding the fluid begins to change to milk and this is referred to as ‘transitional milk’, the transitional stage from pre-milk fluid to milk lasts about 2-3 days. The pre-milk fluid is highly beneficial and responsible for strengthening the immune system of new born mammals, which are sensitive to pathogens, allergens and antigens.

Used by the American Amish and Indian cultures for years because of its health benefits, Colostrum is often the first medicine provided in India when a person falls ill. Further to being celebrated by the Amish, just after a cow has given birth, Amish families harvest the Colostrum after the calves first feeding and prepare it into a porridge, that is enjoyed by the whole family.

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