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Nature F – Pain & Therapy Supplement 90g


For improving effects of treatments for arthritis, joint – and other types of pain.

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Methylsulphonylmethane (natural sulphur) with vitamin C, boron, calcium, magnesium and lactose free D6 tissue salts. 1000 iu Vitamin D3 helps for immunity. For improving effects of
treatments for arthritis, joint – and other types of pain. Helps collagen: skin and joints.

Dosing: MSM commonly is given as 2 to 6 g/day in 2 to 3 divided doses for arthritis and other joint conditions.

Contraindications have not been identified.

Pregnancy/Lactation: Information regarding safety and efficacy in pregnancy and lactation in humans is lacking.

Interactions None well documented.

Adverse Reactions No conclusive data on adverse reactions with MSM have been reported, MSM has been reported to alleviate allergies, arthritis, GI upset, musculoskeletal pain, and to boost the immune system. It also possesses antimicrobial effects against organisms such as Giardia lamblia, Trichomonas vaginalis, and some fungi. The suggested mechanism is that MSM may bind to surface receptor sites, blocking the interaction of parasite and host.

Traditional herbal products – never tested on animals.

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