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Olgani – Mineral Rich Evening Toothpaste 75ml


Overnight Oral Care that contains Ionic Minerals

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Olgani Mineral Rich Evening Toothpaste is a blend of organic Coconut Oil, Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, ionic minerals from Cal/Meg Mineralife™ with organic esssential oils of Peppermint and Tea Tree. Naturally occurring in saliva proteins, enzymes and minerals help to remineralise tooth enamel and nourish gum tissue throughout human life.

Using it just before sleep can help to increase the amount of minerals in the saliva and enhance the natural process of remineralisation.

Directions for use:

Place a large pea-sized amount on your toothbrush and brush as normal, preferably just before going to bed.
For children under six years, use a smaller amount.

Child-friendly. Safe to swallow.

Aqua (Water), Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, sea salt, mineralife™ calcium/magnesium, Mentha piperata (peppermint) oil*,
Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil*, limonene**, linalool**
*ingredients from organic farming
**components of natural essential oils

Through extensive research and testing, Olgani has developed a brand new approach to oral care: Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste with NutrireB.
NutrireB is their proprietary base, an innovative combination of rice flour, sesame oil and sea salt. Rice flour is rich in minerals and vitamins and acts as a gentle abrasive while sesame oil, also rich in minerals and vitamins, moisturises and nourishes your gums and teeth. Sea salt is a natural preservative, regulating the pH and stimulating production of saliva.

It’s revolutionizing oral health care beyond anything else that you may have come across because not only does it help prevent oral problems, it also actively helps to heal pre-existing conditions, safely and effectively.

Olgani believes that oral care should nourish, not stress the body. They have formulated a toothpaste which works for both adults and children and is absolutely safe to swallow.

NutrireB is the base for a unique blend of 7 carefully selected medicinal herbal extracts and essential oils all of which have a track record of delivering exceptional oral care health benefits. Green Tea for example, prevents dental plaque build-up and combats bacteria responsible for cavities, Propolis protects against periodontal diseases and with regular use reverses receding gums.