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Organic India – Tulsi Tummy (18 Infusion Bags)


Soothing Digestive Support

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Tulsi’s potent restorative powers are blended with Ginger, Cinnamon and other calming digestive herbs to provide effective digestive support. Delicious, soothing and settling to the stomach and the digestive system.

Throughout India, Tulsi is acclaimed as “The Queen of Herbs”
and is revered as a sacred plant. Tulsi makes a delicious and nourishing herbal tea, abundant in a vast array of health benefits.* Tulsi’s life-enhancing qualities, repeatedly noted in ancient Indian scriptures dating back over 5,000 years, are now here for you to fully enjoy.

* Stress Relieving
* Soothing & Relaxing
* Abundant in Antioxidants
* Powerful Adaptogen
* Uplifts Mood
* Caffeine & Gluten Free
* USDA Certified Organic
* NON GMO Project Verified
* Kosher & Halal Certified

Individually wrapped for freshness