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Pegasus – Bluebox Kit


The Bluebox All-in-one Natural Medicine Kit.  ‘Every home should have one’.

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  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • Treats the whole family from infants to the elderly
  • Covers most of the common acute ailments that families are faced with
  • The kit is compact and travels well
  • Safe for use with other drugs
  • Safe for babies as well as pregnant and breast feeding mums
  • Readily taken by children, no alcohol or nasty-tasting syrups
  • Can’t overdose – even if a child swallows the contents of a bottle it’s the same as one dose
  • Comes with comprehensive information booklet to guide you
  • Quick response time with these remedies
  • A once-off purchase, refills available
  • The remedies don’t expire

The Remedies in the The Bluebox Kit™ provides 28 easy-to-use remedies, together with a comprehensive information booklet to treat a wide variety of everyday ailments.
The kit also contains a small bottle of herbal antiseptic solution for use on cuts and abrasions.

The conditions covered include allergies, hay fever, sinus congestion, colic, teething, nausea, diarrhoea, shock, indigestion, coughs and colds, sore throats, headaches, constipation, insect stings and bites, morning sickness, dizziness, injuries and many more.

anti-spasm 200c – baby colic, stomach cramps, leg cramps, menstrual cramps
anti-virabac 200c – natural antibiotic, safe for those allergic to penicillin
arthritis & gout 30c – inflammatory pain, arthritis, gout
bites 30c – serious bites i.e. spider, scorpion, snake, dog bite
boils & abscesses 6c – boils, abscesses, can push out splinters
bronchial relief 30c – wheezing, dry cough, tight chest, bronchitis, croup
calming 30c – general calmative , non-drowsy
cold & flu 30c – runny nose, body aches, congestion, headaches
constipation 6c – natural laxative with gentle action, safe in children
cystitis 30c – bladder infection, burning urine, frequency of urination
fluid imbalance 6c – dehydration, fluid retention, oedema, swollen ankles
gastric plus 30c – acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, flatulence
headache 30c – headaches associated with muscle tension and stress
hayfever 6c – itchy eyes & nose, sneezing, itchy palate
histamine comp 30c – allergies, skin rash, chicken pox, itchy skin in animals
immune defence 30c – helps boost immune system when challenged
injury 6c – bruises, sprains, muscle strain, nerve injury, crush injuries
liver 30c – hangover, overindulgence, jaundice, hepatitis
migraine 30c – migraines and hormonal headaches
muco drainol 30c – drains thick mucus from chest, nose or ears
n.v.d 30c (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea) – and dehydration
sinus 30c – sinus congestion & pain, post-nasal drip, blocked ears
sleep 30c – settles overactive mind, restores sleep pattern
sting 30c – insect stings & bites, sunburn, scalds
teething, pain & fever 30c – teething, dental pain, fever
throat 200c – painful, inflamed & infected throat
t.r.s 200c (trauma, rescue, shock) – shock, grief, traumatic experiences
v.m.t 30c (vertigo, morning & travel sickness) – as described

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