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Pegasus – Hayfever 6c


A homeopathic remedy for typical hay fever symptoms

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A homeopathic remedy for typical hay fever symptoms i.e. sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and palate, streaming, watery discharges from eyes and nose.

This remedy will not cause drowsiness.

Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy

Allium cepa 6c – Frequent sneezing with copious and watery, acrid nasal discharge; watery secretions from eyes: red, burning eyes.

Arundo mauritanica 6c – Itching of palate, eyes and in ear canals; itching in nostrils with sneezing; allergies from pollution.

Histaminum 6c – This remedy acts as a homeopathic antihistamine.

Natrum muriaticum 6c – Violent sneezing with watery discharge changing to nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing through the nose; burning, itchy eyes with swollen lids.

Sabadilla 6c – Violent spasmodic sneezing causing frontal sinus pain. Itching and tickling in ears and nose; nasal congestion; over-sensitivity to odours especially flowers causing secretions of transparent mucus. Red burning eyelids; eyes that water especially on going into open air.

Wyethia helenoides 6c – Itching at the back of the nose. Violent sneezing with itchy palate and epiglottis.

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.

One dose is 3-5 pillules sucked under the tongue in a clean mouth. This applies to adults, children and animals alike.
For acute episodes, dose every half hour for 3 doses then every hour for 3 doses.
Thereafter dose every 2 – 4 hours as required and stop when acute episode has passed.
Do not use continuously to try to prevent further episodes, but rather dose with each episode as directed above.

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