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Phyto-Force – Milkthistle Tincture 50ml


Milk Thistle Herbal Tincture
(Silybum marianum)


Milkthistle Herbal Tincture is useful for:

* Regenerates liver cells
* Stimulates bile flow
* Liver and gallbladder diseases
* Jaundice
* Hepatitis
* Liver Damage
* Cirrhosis and poisoning

Nature’s pharmacy is abundant.
Many herbs are rich in compounds which have a beneficial effect on certain tissues and organs, and, therefore can be used as treatments to assist combating disease or ailments. Herbal treatments can help nourish your immune system, stimulate the regeneration of damaged liver tissue, build strength of the adrenal glands, counter the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, balance the endocrine system, stimulate milk production, and improve night vision amongst many other benefits too number to mention.

Phytomedicine, a recently coined term, refers to herbal treatments that are a whole-plant preparation, rather than a single isolated chemical compound. (“Phyto is the Greek word for Plant”)

Tinctures are herbs concentrated in ethanol / purified water, extracted from plants over a period of time. Our tinctures therefore have a shelf life of 5-6 years, provided they are stored in a cool dark place in a dark bottle. A herbal tincture allows 96% absorption of the components, whereas as generally a capsule allows only 60% absorption and a pill 40%. Capsules and pills take time to disintegrate in the stomach before being absorbed, whereas tinctures begin to be absorbed immediately when taken. Not all herbs are available fresh or even dried at all times. Tinctures however allow a large variety of herbs to be available at all times. One herb can treat many ailments; many herbs can treat one ailment.

To evaporate the alcohol content, one should put the drops in hot water. You may even want to disguise the taste by putting the drops in a little juice or simply diluted in cold water. It is also possible for tinctures to be dropped directly on the tongue

Prescribed dosages are on the bottles, however when first using a tincture, try a few drops first to ensure you are not allergic to it. Please check with your naturopath or herbalist when treating young infants, as not all herbs are safe for children.
For the treatment of acute or chronic ailments you may increase the dosage to 4 times daily (every 4 hours) for likely improved results.

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