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Phyto-Force – Slippery Elm Bark Powder Herbal Tea 75g


A Comforting Herbal Tea that helps with Stomach Complaints

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Slippery Elm May Assist With:
Gastritis, duodenal / gastric ulcer, colitis.

Directions for Use:
Use one heaped teaspoon of herbal tea to one cup of boiling water.
Allow to draw for ten minutes.
Add honey if desired.
Drink one cup three times daily.

Nature’s pharmacy is abundant. Many herbs are rich in compounds which have a beneficial effect on certain tissues and organs, and, therefore can be used as treatments to assist combating disease or ailments. Herbal treatments can help nourish your immune system, stimulate the regeneration of damaged liver tissue, build strength of the adrenal glands, counter the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, balance the endocrine system, stimulate milk production, and improve night vision amongst many other benefits too number to mention.

Phytomedicine, a recently coined term, refers to herbal treatments that are a whole-plant preparation, rather than a single isolated chemical compound. (“Phyto is the Greek word for Plant”)

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