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Phyto Pro -Thrive Lifestyle Protein Unflavoured (400g, 1200g)


Phyto Pro Thrive – Lifestyle Protein, Unflavoured, is the cleanest protein on the market – 100% pea protein isolate.



This an unflavoured, unadulterated, 100% pure pea protein isolate, with a high 86% complete protein content. This product is ideal for those who require a clean, nurturing source of protein as well as for athletes looking for something versatile to enhance the protein profile of their food and smoothie recipes.

Phyto Pro makes use of protein extracted from yellow peas, which is a complete protein, i.e. it contains all the essential amino acids required for health and vitality. It is one of a few alkalising proteins available and is the easiest to digest. The pea protein isolate in Phyto Pro Thrive, Unflavoured, is raw, completely water-processed and is not contaminated by chemicals or heavy metal residue.

Please note that due to the water-based, chemical-free method of extracting protein from the raw peas, this product still has a mild savoury, wholesome ‘pea’ flavour.

Who should use this? This product is suitable for creative people looking for a pure protein product to incorporate into their diet and support their health and activity goals.

Serving Tip – make up into a simple shake with water or add into a smoothie. This can also be used to increase the protein content in cooked or baked foods, e.g. blend into a mash, add to a soup or bake into waffles or a cake. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for recipes and ideas! Links below…

Full Disclosure Ingredient List:

Pea Protein Isolate – Premium, plant-based, concentrated protein from yellow peas grown in France. High 85-88% protein content. Easily digested and assimilated. Non-inflammatory and suitable for allergy sufferers. Alkalising. High in arginine and branched-chain amino acids for building strong, lean muscle.

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400g – R260.00, 1200g – R682.00