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Prime Self – Cell Fuel 60 Capsules


Formulated to support increased performance, reduce fatigue and provide a clean lasting energy from the source as apposed to traditional stimulants.

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Cell Fuel is a cutting-edge, all-natural performance-enhancing sports supplement. Formulated to increase performance, reduce fatigue and provide a clean lasting energy from the source as opposed to traditional stimulants.

What sets Cell Fuel apart from other performance enhancers is due to the optimization of cellular energy as opposed to other performance-based supplements, which induce “false energy” from overstimulation.

Cell Fuel targets the source of energy production instead, your cells.

Mitochondrial ATP production is the primary natural energy source in our body, required for nearly every biological process. This includes cognitive functioning as well as physical activity. In optimizing ATP production, you can start performing at the next level!


FOR PRIME PERFORMANCE: As a dietary supplement, adults should take three (3) capsules 30 minutes prior to exercise. Additionally, a serving of 1-2 capsules can be taken daily for increased energy and vitality. Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24-hour period unless otherwise directed by a medical professional.



Cell Fuel has been formulated with all-natural ingredients which helps to combat fatigue, promote cellular energy production, improve ATP production and enhance your body’s oxygen utilisation for increased endurance during physical exertion.


Cell Fuel includes adaptogenic ingredients which will help support recovery through stress adaptation from physical stress during exercise. Cell Fuel also assists in boosting immune function as well as offering anti-inflammatory properties.


Complete Human Optimization

Our modern day life demands more and more from us and it’s becoming ever more important for us to be on top of our game, not just physically but also mentally.

The fitness, health and wellness industry has seen massive advancements over the years with better supplements, nutrition and research making it easier now than ever to be on top of your physical health. However, many fail to target the most important driving force behind our day-to-day life. PRIMESELF® was formed on the principle of bettering holistic health and wellness, by focusing on the complete mind and body connection, with a core focus on brain health. Our brain is the driving force behind every aspect of our lives and without proper mental health, we can’t function to our full potential.

It’s time to take back control of how we live and take care of ourselves, mentally and physically.

Functional Supplements That Work

Even with the advancements in the supplement and nutrition industry, we sadly still see a vast majority of the modern health market still making use of outdated and inefficient supplements, ingredients and nutrition. We’ve moved away with this more “traditional” way of supplementation, and delved into developing a truly cutting edge approach to supplements. Making use of science-backed, cutting edge ingredients and nutrients to truly optimize the body and mind to offer a complete self-optimization approach to our demanding modern day lives. These ingredients make use of nootropics, adaptogens and herbal extracts that as not been seen to date in most of the modern supplement market.

  • Full Transparency – We strive to be as transparent as possible with our products. Hence why we’ve opted for full disclosure on all our product blends. Pursuing the philosophy of ‘what you see is exactly what you get’.

  • 100% Natural – All our products follow our all natural and sustainable approach in sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to provide only the best products possible to ur customers.

  • Strict Quality Control – We pride ourselves in providing only the best in quality. Which is why we abide by strict quality control from sourcing of our ingredients to manufacturing in cGMP standards.


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