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Solal – Full Spectrum Vitamin E 30 Capsules


The only vitamin E product to supply all eight vitamin E forms

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The only vitamin E product to supply all eight vitamin E forms (alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocotrienols and tocopherols), in their natural forms, at effective doses for optimal health, antioxidant effects and heart protection. These 8 vitamin E forms provide significantly greater cardiovascular protection than single alpha vitamin E forms. SOLAL’s Full Spectrum Vitamin E is extracted from palm oil (more effective tocotrienol source), not rice bran oil.

Product Indications
Vitamin E is a natural occurring dietary supplement that can aid the body’s natural defence mechanism in the following way:
Powerful antioxidant action
Cardiovascular protection
Strong anti-inflammatory properties
May slow the progression of macular degeneration and cataract formation

Product Composition
Each capsule supplies 400mg of all 8 forms of Vitamin E as active ingredients: Mixed tocotrienols 61.7mg, of which:

18mg d-alpha tocotrienol
2.4mg d-beta tocotrienol
8.6mg d-delta tocotrienol
32.7mg d-gamma tocotrienol
Mixed tocopherols: 338.3mg, of which:

42.4mg d-alpha-tocopherol
6.5mg d-beta-tocopherol
95.9mg d-delta-tocopherol
193.5mg d-gamma-tocopherol
Extracted from palm oil (contains more of the most beneficial delta-tocotrienol), not Rice Bran like most tocotrienol products.

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool dry place below 25°C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Pharmacological Action
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that exists in eight different forms (“isomers”): alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherol; and alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocotrienol. The major funtion of vitamin E is probably that of a chain-breaking antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals. Each isomer has been shown to produce different benefits and should therefore be used in combination to produce maximum benefit.

Dosage Directions
Adults and children over 12 years of age: Take 1 capsule daily, with or shortly after a meal, or as recommended by your health care provider. Children under 12 years of age: Take 1 capsule every second day.

Product Warnings
Vitamin E has a blood thinning effect, use with caution if you have been diagnosed with a vitamin K deficiency. Do not exceed recommended dosages unless on the advice of a healthcare provider. Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are on any medication or suffering from any medical condition, it is advisable to seek medical advice before starting any new medicine, supplement or remedy.

Side Effects
Side effects may include nausea, diarrhoea, intestinal cramps, fatigue, weakness, headache, blurred vision, rash, gonadal dysfunction, and creatinuria. High doses of vitamin E might increase the risk of bleeding due to antagonism of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors and platelet aggregation. Individuals with vitamin K deficiencies or who are taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet medicines are at a greater risk for bleeding.

Product Interactions
Anticoagulants: Vitamin E could possibly increase the anticoagulant effect of the following anticoagulant medicines: aspirin, warfarin, heparin, clopidogrel, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen, use with caution. Chemotherapy: While undergoing chemotherapy for cancer only use vitamin E under the supervision of your oncologist. Cyclosporin: Vitamin E may increase the absorption of cyclosporine, use with caution. Statins: Vitamin E used in combination with HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (“Statins”) may affect the lipid lowering effect. Lipids should be monitored. Medicines that may lead to lower Vitamin E levels: include cholestyramine, carbamazepine, chemotherapy, gemfibrozil, mineral oil, orlistat, phenobarbital and phenytoin.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Pregnancy: Although dosages above 400mg of vitamin E have been used during the second half of pregnancy, these doses have not been tested during the first half of pregnancy. Safe for use whilst breastfeeding.