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The Real Thing – MSM-Body 90 Capsules


It’s super-charged MSM, a sulphur compound supporting healthy joints and an active lifestyle.


More mobility. More energy. It’s super-charged MSM, a sulphur compound supporting healthy joints and an active lifestyle. The sulphate compound is a building block for restoration of cartilage, ligaments and other connective tissue. It helps increase stamina by providing methyl groups for energy production.


What? It’s a construction worker – methylsulphonylmethane, or MSM for short. It’s a form of organic sulphur that occurs naturally in the body and plays a role in the natural process of tissue repair.

What else? More MSM means the body has more fuel for in-house mending and maintenance. It helps repair the tiny muscle tears caused by exercise and can help in the healing of damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, skin, or any other connective tissue.


ADD ENERGY, SUBTRACT INJURY. The Real Thing MSM-Body delivers sulphur for wear-and-tear repair and methyl groups that fuel natural energy production. Heal quicker. Train harder. Recover faster. Now.


Not all MSM is created equal. The MSM in The Real Thing MSM-Body is created to be better than any other.

  • A new source. The Real Thing is always looking for the best thing for you. That’s why we now use only OptiMSM®, manufactured by world-leading US company, Bergstrom Nutrition.
  • The MSM specialists. Bergstrom produces nothing but OptiMSM®. That’s why they do it better than anyone else.
  • More purification. This is the purest form of MSM around. Firstly because it’s produced from only the best starting materials, and secondly because it’s distilled four times. Read on for more.
  • More clinical testing. Bergstrom is big on research. Extensive testing shows that OptiMSM® is easily absorbed, effective and totally safe. See below for details on the testing and clinical trials.
  • Endorsed by the expert. Dr Stanley Jacob, author of The Miracle of MSM, has been studying this compound for more than 30 years and has prescribed it to over 18 000 patients. He’s also Bergstrom’s former medical advisor. If he backs OptiMSM®, then so do we.


Injuries and arthritis

MSM-Body helps relieve joint pain and stiffness. In fact, research shows that OptiMSM® protects against rheumatoid arthritis and can help reduce pain and physical inability in osteoarthritis.

  • More mobility, less pain. A study by the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science in Arizona showed that after 30 days on OptiMSM®, patients with osteoarthritis in the knee experienced significantly less pain and more mobility than those who didn’t take the MSM.
  • Less cartilage damage. Two studies from the UCSD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage showed that OptiMSM® limits the release of inflammation-fuelling molecules and reduces the presence of destructive enzymes in osteoarthritic cartilage cells.
  • Less inflammation. A 2008 report published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal showed that OptiMSM® can help to hold back joint pain by reducing inflammation and preserving the joint cartilage in mice with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Healing and repair

  • Tissue maintenance. Sulphur is a mineral that contributes to connective tissue structure and repair. And MSM contains up to 34% sulphur by weight. More sulphur means more tissue repair. See the connection?
  • Antioxidant protection. A study from the Department of Human Nutrition at Ohio State University showed that OptiMSM® led to an 80% increase in liver glutathione levels in mice. This is important because glutathione is an internal sulphur-containing antioxidant. So more glutathione means more power to fight free-radicals. The same study also showed that OptiMSM® helped prevent oxidative liver damage caused by toxic carbon tetrachloride.

Exercise and energy levels
MSM-Body helps your body make molehills out of mountains.

  • More energy. It helps increase stamina by providing methyl groups that can be “traded” with other molecules in the body’s energy-producing engine.
  • More activity. A double-blind study from the UCLA School of Medicine and published in The Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine found that a massive 80% of MSM-taking subjects were more energised and more active.

Homocysteine levels

  • High homocysteine is bad. Homocysteine is a precursor of toxic amino acids that cause heart attack and stroke. So, clearly, high homocysteine levels are bad.
  • Low homocysteine is good. Two clinical studies have shown independently that OptiMSM® can decrease the levels of free homocysteine in your blood. Good stuff.

Respiratory function and allergies
Not to be sniffed at: OptiMSM® eases breathing and supports the respiratory system, especially in seasonal allergies.

  • Hayfever. In a 2002 study, people with seasonal allergic rhinitis (or hayfever) were given OptiMSM® for a month. Drumroll. And here’s what happened: upper-respiratory symptoms were significantly better by day seven, energy levels improved by day 14, and all symptoms were significantly and consistently relieved by day 30.
  • Allergies. A Japanese research group found that one week of OptiMSM® treatment markedly reduced allergy-induced itching in mice. The results showed that OptiMSM® can help to keep the immune system in check, preventing abnormal inflammation as occurs in allergies.

High bioavailiability
Results of a 2009 Miami-based clinical study showed that OptiMSM® is not just a hard worker but a fast one too…

  • It’s absorbed rapidly and effieciently.
  • Then it’s retained in the body for an extended period.
  • This means it hangs around to do all the good stuff mentioned above.


  • It’s nothing but methylsulphonylmethane. Pure. Simple. After more than 20 years’ experience, Bergstrom has perfected the production process to ensure you get nothing but MSM when you use OptiMSM®. High resolution gas chromoatography shows that OptiMSM® is 99.9% pure.
  • It’s distilled four times. All volatile and non-volatile contaminants are sniffed out and slashed from the final mix. Distillation also ensures that no water is left behind, which can lead to bacterial or fungal contamination.
  • Each batch is third-party tested for quality and consistency. Detailed analytics ensure that no unwelcome toxins, heavy metals or microbes slip through.
  • Bergstrom makes only MSM. And nothing else. The production facility in Vancouver, Washington is the only one in the world that focuses solely on MSM. It also complies with stringent ISO9001 and Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) regulations.
  • It’s safe and certified. OptiMSM® has been certified Halaal, Kosher, allergen-free and GMO-free.
  • It’s backed by research. Bergstrom is actively involved in scientific research that stands behind how and why OptiMSM® works. Studies are published in peer-reviewed journals.


Take 3 capsules daily with meals and a glass of water or consult your healthcare practitioner.


NOTE: Should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consult your healthcare practictioner when using blood-thinning medication.

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