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Tibb – Apiton Syrup 200ml


Apiton is an Unani-Tibb that boosts Appetite and promotes Health and Wellbeing.


Apiton Syrup is a natural appetite stimulant for children. It safely promotes a healthy appetite and improves functions of the digestive system, without harmful side-effects. Apiton is a blend of appetizers and digestives which stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes. Apiton supports digestion and allows your body to absorb and utilize nutrients for overall health. Apiton is non-addictive, chemical-free syrup without the risk of harmful side effects.

• It has digestive, nutritious, and appetite stimulating properties appetite stimulating properties
• Boosts overall health
• Provides energy

Each 5ml contains extracts of:
Ficus carica 0,120g
Phoenix sylvestris 0,120g
Prunus armeniaca 0,120g
Prunus communis 0,060g
Aqua rosa damascena 0,36ml
Elettaria cardamomum 0,022g
Cinnamon cassia 0,0012ml
Myrtus caryophyllus 0,0012ml
Mentha arvensis 0,0006ml
Contains sugar

Sodium benzoate 0.055%m/v

2,5ml to 5ml at breakfast and after dinner
10ml at breakfast and after dinner

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