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Totally Wild – Aloe 24/7 Organic Aloe Gel 100ml


Organic Aloe Gel for Problematic Skin


Wild-Grown, Organic Aloe Ferox is one of South Africa’s many natural treasures. Aloe has been utilized by local inhabitants since the 1600’s to soothe, heal, moisturise and protect the skin, by simply cutting the aloe leaf and applying it to the problem area, with remarkable efficacy.

Today, aloe’s ability to soothe and heal burned skin is recognised in many parts of the world where other varieties of aloe occur naturally, and where cultivated aloe plants abound, for use in skincare products.

Totally Wild utilises the inner flesh of this rich, amazing plant which grows in large areas of South Africa, and have further enhanced its powers by the additions of yet another of South Africa’s natural wonders – Kalahari Melon Seed Oil. Excellent for Moisturising, skin Regenerating, Soothing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Allergenic, Skin irritations, Burns, Sunburn, Skin disorders (Eczema, psoriasis etc)