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Umuthi Botanicals – Ylang-Ylang Complete Essential Oil 10ml


Ylang Ylang is widely used in the perfumery industry, and popular for aromatherapy.


Botanical name: Cananga odorata
Part used: Flowers
Method: Steam distilled
Colour: Clear to pale yellow
Consistency: Medium
Perfumery note: Middle to Base

Aroma: Floral, fruity, very fragrant

Ylang Ylang is widely used in the perfumery industry, and popular for aromatherapy.
It is considered an aphrodisiac, also helping with depression, insomnia, and to alleviate stress.

Ylang ylang has antimicrobial properties, and used on the skin it is soothing and helps balance the moisture levels of both oily and dry skin types.
It is also used on hair and scalp to promote hair growth.
There are 5 strengths of this oil due to the distillation process.

No 1 is the second oil gathered, ideal for use in perfumes and vapourizers.

Complete is the oil produced by uninterrupted distillation, considered the best oil for holistic aromatherapy.

While there are no warnings regarding the use of Ylang Ylang as the aroma is strong it can cause nausea and headaches in some people.

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