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Vitaforce – Active Arnica Massage Oil (50ml, 100ml, 500ml)


The Original Massage Oil for Stiff Muscles

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Helps to reduce muscle stiffness, soreness and bruising.

Vitaforce Active Arnica Massage Oil is made according to the original, centuries old, traditional process of cold infusion using Arnica flowers, Calendula flowers and Birch leaves. This cold extraction process releases the plants nourishing properties while the active medicinal and aromatic elements are imprinted into the carrier oil. The oil is then blended with other essential oil extracts to create our unique massage oil. Vitaforce Active Arnica is ideal for soothing sore and stiff muscles. Arnica, Calendula and Birch possesses anti~inflammatory and anti-bruising properties which helps provide relief for sore, stiff, strained and tired muscles, joints and tendons. Lavender and Rosemary work through their warming and stimulating properties to increase muscle temperature and blood circulation, which helps to loosen and relax muscles.

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Not tested on animals Made with natural ingredients NOTE: Contains traces of nuts.

Doses and instructions for use
Rub into the affected area whenever necessary, unless otherwise directed. Do not apply to open wounds.
WARNING: Arnica may cause allergic skin reaction externally. Discontinue usage if hypersensitive to Arnica. Safety during pregnancy has not been established. Contains traces of nuts.
For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 25ºC.

Suitable for
Soothing sore and stiff muscles.

Composition per tablet:
Alcohol extracts from:

Arnica Montana, flos – 1.075 g
Calendula, flos – 0.363 g
Betula, fol – 1.438 g
Oleum Rosmarini -1.725 g
Oleum Lavandine -1.950 g
Oleum Aloe vera -1.950 g
Oleum Aurantii – 1.250 g

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50ml – R 103.20, 100ml – R 199.52, 500ml – R471.28