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Absolute Organix – Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar (350g, 700g)


Made by tapping the nectar of the coconut palm blossom and then evaporating the moisture.
The result is a Delicious, 100% Natural Sugar.

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Absolute Organix Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar is a natural unrefined alternative to processed sugar, great for cooking, baking and sweetening RAW desserts, it has a similar taste to brown sugar with a slight caramel flavour.


Certified organic and imported from Indonesia

More about Coconut Blossom Sugar
Coconut blossom sugar is extracted from the nectar of the coconut palm blossom, this is done by farmers who climb to the top of the trees and make an incision in the stalk of the coconut flower, the sap runs from the blossom and is usually collected in the early mornings. Moisture is then evaporated from the nectar and the result is a natural unprocessed sugar that has been utilised by South-East Asia generations for hundreds of years.

Coconut trees are often referred to as ‘The tree of life’ they are renowned for their ability to produce food, drink, medicine, shelter and clothes and unlike white table sugar, Coconut blossom sugar is said to contain some trace nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and copper. As well as small amounts of phytonutrients and inulin a prebiotic that is beneficial for good gut bacteria.

Although more studies need to be done on the benefits of coconut sugar, one study has noted that it has a lower glycemic index than most sweeteners, stating that it has a GI rating of 35. Coconut sugar is also said to be lower in fructose than Agave and have high levels of potassium which aids in heart and brain health further to maintaining fluid balance and muscle function within the body.

Believed to be one of the most sustainable sweeteners in the world coconut trees grow in diverse environments that benefit the ecosystem. Once tapped the coconut tree will provide sap for up to 20 years and they supply 50- 75% more sugar per acre, then cane sugar. While requiring less water and nutrients from the soil to grow.

Absolute Organix is South Africa’s leading supplier of natural and organic products. With over 500 lines in our warehouse, including organic foods, premium supplements, natural bodycare and eco-friendly household products. We exclusively represent leading international brands such as Holle organic baby foods (Swiss), Naturata organic foods (Germany) and Garden of Life wholefood supplements (USA). Further to being a certified organic processor (BCS Oko), Absolute Organix have a national sales and distribution infrastructure that has been supplying health and food stores, pharmacies and health professionals since 2004.

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350g – R85.26, 700g – R122.71