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Amipro – Citricidal (GSE Concentrate) 30ml


Broad Spectrum Antifungal


Provides a polyphenolic extract from the seeds and membranous pulp of grapefruit.

  • May help with eliminating candida and other fungal infections.
  • Can be used topically diluted in the ears, mouth and nails.
  • Can be ingested for systemic fungal conditions.


Who should use GSE Liquid?
For those who may need protection from parasites, fungus and bacteria


Grapefruit Seed Extract 25 mg


Certain persons, considered experts, may disagree with one or more of the foregoing statements, but the same are deemed, nevertheless, to be based on sound and reliable authority. No such statements shall be construed as a claim or representation as to Amipro products, that they are offered for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease.


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