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DNA – Gravi-C 60 Vegicaps


A Unique combination of Powerful Immune Boosting Extracts.


Gravi-C is a combination of selected herbs that work synergistically to relieve the symptoms and side-effects of cancer and HIV, to strengthen the immune system, increase oxygen levels in the blood and to create a feeling of well-being.

Gravi-C is also a strong immune booster.

* Highly bioactive compounds have been found in Sutherlandia Frutescans which have antiviral, antibactgerial, anti fungal and anticancer activities.

* Curcumin Longa Extract slows the development and growth of a number of types of cancer cells.
The seeds and leaves of Annona Muricata (Graviola), have anti-tumerous, anti-cancerous and selective toxicity against various types of cancer cells.

* Silymarin is effective in prohibiting the spread of certain cancers. Breast and prostate cancer tumors have been shown to stop growing and cancer cells have been prohibited from attacking other organs.

* Amla has powerful antioxidants, which protect from harmful free radicals that can increase the risk of a wide range of serious cancers. Amla helps to prevent cancer.

* The Graviola and Magnolol in Gravi-C kills parasites in the intestines which leads to better health and increased immunity.

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