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Earth Ant Deodorant – Wild Rose 50ml


A natural deodorant that works!


Earth Ant deodorant is 100% natural and uses the powerful anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil and odour neutralizing action of bicarbonate of soda. It contains no aluminium, parabens, propylene glycol, or synthetic fragrances, so no nasties are being absorbed into your precious skin and none make their way into the environment either.

Why go natural?

The largest and most amazing organ our skin, absorbs most of what is applied to it and some of this can even move directly into the bloodstream. Some statistics quote that women who use commercial cleaning and grooming products everyday are estimated to absorb nearly 2 kilograms of synthetic chemicals through their skin each year! Even if this is an exaggeration, what the skin does not absorb is either excreted via bodily fluids into our direct environment (which adds to the toxic load on our planet), or forms a suffocating layer that can stop the skin from breathing.

As for women applying deodorant, who wants to risk applying chemicals so close to our lymph nodes and breasts? That’s why I say ditch the carcinogenic, skin irritating, neurotoxic, allergenic components of commercial deodorants, and use a product that is beneficial to your body and the environment!


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