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Superfoods – Earth Artist (Jenny Louw)


Natural gardening, eating and living
Rediscover natures wisdom.

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In this beautiful and inspiring book, Jenny Louw invites you to explore your connection with Mother Nature.Jenny reveals how nature became her most trusted teacher and how, in pursuing an intimate relationship with nature, she unlocked profound joy and creativity.

If, like many in our modern, rushed world, you long for a deeper connection with life, Earth Artist will gently guide you towards nature’s wisdom and abundance. Inside these pages, Jenny generously shares her wisdom gained from three decades of gardening experience. Combining practical knowledge with philosophical wisdom, Earth Artist shares with you how to grow the garden of your own soul. Inside, you will learn how natural gardening and feasting on nature’s bounty can open your heart, awaken your intuition and unleash your creativity.

Following Jenny’s clear descriptions, you will discover how to plan, plant and maintain a natural garden filled with edible plants, and prepare simple, delicious meals from produce grown in a garden paradise. No matter where you live, whether in an apartment or on a large plot, this book will make natural gardening and farming a highlight in your life, and inspire you to eat a harvest that is healthy for you and the Earth.

There is an urgent need for humanity to take responsibility for the health of the environment. Earth Artist suggests simple steps that we can all take towards creating a more self-sufficient and healthy lifestyle.