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Superfoods – Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself! (Dr Janey Little)


A ‘new age’ in healing from cancer is upon us…



Cancer… You can heal yourself!”… and never have to live in fear of a relapse

The trend in rising cancer statistics is alarming…….

In the year 1900, 1 in 8000 people were diagnosed with cancer. In the year 2014, this figure is approaching 1 in 2!

And when you do get cancer and resort to one of the standard approaches of treatment, that being chemotherapy; the ‘success’ rate you can expect is just over 2%! (Journal of Clinical Oncology)

In ‘Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself!’, Dr Janey Little shares another way of approaching cancer that is offering renewed hope to cancer patients and their families around the world.

In this book you are introduced to a different understanding of cancer that few people are aware of. Instead of fighting the tumour with toxic chemicals and radiation, it respects and aligns with the wisdom of the body and promotes powerful healing by addressing and correcting the root cause.

As you will learn, when you change your understanding of cancer, everything changes; your approach, your treatment, your experience of having cancer, and finally…… your success in overcoming it!

‘Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself!’ will take you on a journey that will leave you with a paradigm shift in your perception of this ‘dis-ease’.

This you will find is nine tenths of the way to healing completely and permanently from cancer!
Dr Janey has a conventional medical background in Veterinary Science (BVSC, MRCVS) which spanned 22 years of experience in the industry, including much with cancer.

As Dr Janey explains, it tragically took the loss of her mother to see beyond the blinkers of conventional medical teachings to begin to understand the truth of cancer and how we can most effectively respond to it.

Dr Janey’s medical background and experience, coupled with extensive studying on the subject of effective natural approaches to cancer used around the world, gave rise to ‘Survive and Thrive Cancer’ and the creation of this timeless and powerful approach that is rapidly gaining ground around the world for the manner in which it serves to empower and enrich peoples’ lives both in the prevention and healing of cancer.

Dr Janey is author of the book, ‘Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself!’ and together with her dedicated team now share these powerful principles of ‘true health’ .