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Earthsap – Cream Scrub All Purpose Cleaner 750ml


All Purpose Cleaner that Degreases & eliminates mold & mildew efficiently while being kind to your hands, your health and the environment.


Earthsap all purpose cleaner is formulated with our micro-biologists, and is based on pure simple ingredients including coconut palm, citrus and other plant oils. Only pure essential oils are used for fragrance and therapeutic benefits. They are safe for your family, pets and the environment and are completely biodegradable. They do not harm aquatic life or affect marine plant groweth.

Enjoy our product knowing it is good for the environment and good for you!

Product Benefits of EarthsapTM :
• Non-toxic
• No petrochemicals like optical brighteners and NTA/EDTA
• No chlorine or chlorine bleach
• No phosphates
• No dyes
• No acids
• No caustics
• No heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium
• No VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals)
• No unpleasant fumes
• No harmful residues
• No synthetic preservatives,
• Not tested on animals
• No CFCs and HCFCs
• Safe for septic and grey water systems
• Biodegradable
• Renewable ingredients

Apply small amount onto damp cloth or surface to be cleaned. Rub surface and rinse with water. Use for sinks, tubs, pots, pans, counter and stove tops and steel.

Saponified water extract, coconut palm, citrus essential oils, natural gum, purified water.