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ECO Products – Organic Baobab Fruit Powder (200g, 400g)


Africa’s Superfruit

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Baobab Super fruit Powder
Baobab fruit are super fruit! The baobab fruit powder is eaten to boost health and vitality. The powder can be used as a superfood supplement and is easily mixed into smoothies, green juices, breakfast cereals as well as being used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes.

The baobab fruit is one of the few fruits to dry out completely while still on the tree.
The pods are only harvested when they fall to the ground and they only fall when they are completely dried out.

This means that the powder requires minimal handling and processing so it retains all its nutritional qualities. The powder is separated from the seeds (which are pressed to get Baobab oil) and then sieve it to give it the wonderfully fine, silky textured powder which mixes easily into foods and drinks that EcoProducts has become known for.

* Baobab powder is very high in vitamin C.
* It is a natural source of calcium.
* It contains magnesium, potassium and B-complex vitamins.
* Baobab powder contains dietary fibres.
* It has significant prebiotic properties
* The powder is an excellent antioxidant.

EcoProducts is a company based in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Since 2006, EcoProducts has led the way in the development and supply of baobab oil and baobab powder to the manufacture and retail sectors.
The company has developed expertise in wild harvesting protocols, rural community supply chains, track and trace systems and baobab fruit processing technology. EcoProducts is one of the first companies in the bio-trade sector in South Africa to gain organic status and to comply with national bio-prospecting legislation.

ECOProducts buys baobab fruit from rural communities. The fruit is then processed in their factory to extract baobab powder and baobab oil which is cold pressed from the seeds. EcoProducts vision is to make a meaningful contribution to the livelihoods of rural people and to the conservation of baobab trees.

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200g – R128.32, 400g – R232.39