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Gaia Organics – Sunburn Lotion 250ml


Soothing After-Sun Lotion with Calming Aloe Extract.


Rinse the traumatised area with fresh water to remove any sand, salt or chlorine residues. Blot dry with clean paper towel/ tissue. Wash hands and dry likewise prior to lightly applying the cream to the affected areas. Repeat as often as necessary and expose the skin only to clean cotton fabrics until tissue integrity is restored. If the burns are severe, after washing and without drying, apply room-temperature green tea infusion in an atomiser spray and allow to air dry prior to applying the cream. This will extra soothe and discourage inflammation and infection. If the sunburn was severe and inflammation persists after 48-hours, please consult a burns specialist/doctor or pharmacist.

A specially formulated low oxidation-potential aqueous cream base, Colloidal Silver, D-panthenol, Green Tea, Centella, Aloe (extracts), vitamins C & E; PABA (Vit. B- factor), Allantoin, Zinc Oxide, cold-pressed Sesame, Coconut, Flax Seed & Evening Primrose oils, carrier oil and essential oils of Lavender* & German Chamomile.

*organically sourced

Paraben free.

Beauty Without Cruelty accredited.

Vegan and Vegetarian compliant.