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Superfoods – Organic Spirulina Tablets (100g)


Certified Organic Chlorophyll Protein Tablet


This blue-green algae is one of the most complete sources of nutrition on earth through its ability to convert sun energy into protein rich chlorophyll. Eat Spirulina for its: highest protein content of any food B vitamins for higher energy levels calcium & iron for bone & blood health cleansing & detoxifying effects

* High in chlorophyll & antioxidants
* Wide array of vitamins and minerals
* Used for weight control, allergies, anaemia
* The ultimate protein food – 65% protein by weight and 12 x more digestable protein than beef.
* Complete protein containing all essential amino acids

Our Spirulina is grown and processed under the strictest quality control standards and is free from peticides, herbicides, preservatives, GMO’s and additives, and is processed RAW

How to use Spirulina
A recommended minimum dose is 3g (6 tabs) and should be eaten daily for overall health maintenance. Up to 40 tabs can be taken daily.

Each tablet contains 500mg of 100% pure Spirulina – no binders

100g (approximately 200 tablets)

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100g – R 152.00