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Superfoods – Organic Hemp Protein Powder (200g,850g)


Protein Superfood Seed Powder for Muscle Building and Energy

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This ancient food can be traced back thousands of years to Chinese, Egyption, Persian and other cultures where it was revered as a complete food source. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and fatty acids, and is considered to be a complete food. High in energy, protein dietary fibre, omega 3 fats and a source of magnesium

At 30% protein content, Hemp protein powder is the answer for anyone looking for a raw, vegan, and organic complete protein source. It also contains a wide array of nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. Hemp has been long overlooked as a superfood for its misunderstood association with marijuana. Hemp seeds do not contain THC

How to eat Hemp Seed Protein
Hemp seed protein has a great nutty flavour and can be sprinkled over salads, mixed into a pate with olive oil, garlic and salt or simply added to soups and smoothies.

Take 1 – 3 tablespoons daily, or more just following exercise.

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200g, 850g