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Superfoods – Organic White Mulberries 200g


Sweet & Crunchy Turkish Treat

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Turkish White Mulberries, also known as morus fruit, are both sweet and nutritious. They are high in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and protein, and are a good source of dietary fiber. Our organic mulberries are picked from the trees in Dut Village (Mulberry Village) in Turkey, and sun dried.

Since ancient times, mulberries have been highly valued. Charlemagne, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, ordered them cultivated as a useful plant on the imperial farm, and Syrup of Mulberries is mentioned in Spain’s Calendar of Cordova for the year 961. In Chinese Medicine, mulberries are classified as a blood tonic.

They have been used medicinally to:
Benefit the kidneys
Treat weakness and fatigue
Correct anemia
Help protect against cancer
Reverse premature graying of the hair
Promote sleep
Calm the mind

Mulberries are a source of resveratrol, a plant compound also found in red wine grapes, which helps starve cancer cells by inhibiting the action of a protein called nuclear factor-kappa B. Research shows that resveratrol blocks the action of cancer-causing agents, inhibits tumor growth and development, and causes precancerous cells to return to a normal, healthy state. Resveratrol, which functions as both an antioxidant and an anticoagulant, also shows promise in controlling heart disease, based on the results of cell cultures and animal studies.

How to use White Mulberries
These mouth-watering berries are so good that you’ll likely eat them straight out of the box. They are chewy and naturally sweet with a mild crunch. They can be eaten as is, providing a refreshing alternative to raisins or other dried berries, or used to make a mulberry fudge (grind them in the blender, mix in nut butter, and sweeten to taste). They are especially delicious in chia porridge or with granola.