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Superfoods – SuperThrive for Children 200g


A Simple and gentle combination of Organic, Raw Superfood powders perfect for children.

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Superthrive for Children OR the Elderly : a gentle selection of superfoods and superherbs for nurturing children or the elderly

SuperThrive for Children provides the essential support needed for all growing people. This simple and gentle combination of organic, raw superfood powders, can be stirred into any meal or drink. SuperThrive for Children has been combined into a delicious creamy,neutral flavoured mix, that children absolutely love.

These ancient longevity plants, have been married in a way to provide full healing potency combined with a palatable taste, plus the added bonus of freedom from tablets. SuperThrive is great in smoothies, medicinal chocolate, green juice or just with spring water.

Qualities of SuperThrive:
– Energy Abundance – Blood sugar stability/ Adrenal healing/ Cellular Oxygenation
– Weight Balance – Thyroid balance/ Environmental toxin detox/ Candida balance
– Emotional Balance – Mood enhancing/Sleep balance/ Mental calming/ Intuition Activation/ Conscious Clarity

*Mesquite, *Lacuma, *Sprouted Rice Protein, Beetroot Extract, *Barleygrass, *Hemp, Tulsi, Elderflower. *Certified organic

Smoothie Recipe:
1-2T SuperThrive
1 litre spring water, 1T chia,
1/2 Avocado, 3 dates / honey
Pinch of vanilla
Pinch of salt

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