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Superfoods – Organic Chia Seeds 200g


Omega 3 Power Food

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The food that means strength in Mayan, offering a spectacular nutritional profile with thousands of years of history as a revered crop. it;s spectacular nutritional profile makes it a near complete food, providing high levels of energy, protein and dietary fibre and very high levels of omega 3 fatty acids.

Eat Chia seeds for:

* Anti-inflammatory omega 3’s

* Digestive soothing soluble fiber

* Stabilising blood sugar

* Endurance and fitness

How to use Chia seeds
The taste of chia is very mild and pleasant and can be easily combined with other foods without changing the taste dramatically. Chia can be added to recipes to provide more bulk and nutritional density. The most common way to eat chia is to first soak the seeds. They rapidly absorb a large amount of liquid, between 9-12 times their volume, in under 10 minutes. Chia can be used as a gel or in its whole seed form. Add it to smoothies, mix it with salad dressings, puddings or sauces, or simply eat it by the spoonful

100% Chia seeds
Contains no harmful toxins, and is organic and RAW