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Vitaforce – Colds & Flu Drops 20ml


Helps Prevent and Treat colds & flu

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Helps to prevent and treat colds and flu.

Our medicines are manufactured according to precise standards from carefully selected herbal and homeopathic ingredients, which are sourced locally or imported from top quality suppliers around the globe, to bring you effective natural medicines in a contemporary format.

* No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
* Contains no egg, gluten, yeast, salt or caffeine.
* Made with natural ingredients.
* Contains no alcohol.

Doses and instructions for use
Adults: At the onset of symptoms related to colds and flu take one dose of 15 drops in a little water or hot lemon juice. then proceed as follows: 5-8 drops to be taken every 1-2 hours until symptoms improve. Then reduce to twice to four times daily before meals until recovered. Unless otherwise prescribed.

Composition per 100g:
Aconitum nap planta tota – D6
Bryonia, rad – D6
Eupatorium perf, herba – D6
Phosphorus – D6
Gelsemium – D6
Ferrum phos – D6
Rhus tox – D6

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