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Superfoods – Lucuma Powder (Organic) 200g


Nutrient dense, creamy Peruvian Superfruit.


From the Andean valleys of Peru comes a fruit known as the ‘Gold of the Incas’ revered by the ancient Incas for its delicious flavour and nutritional density. The bright yellow fruit has a dry flesh which possesses a unique flavour somewhat like maple, caramel custard and sweet potato with a smooth consistency that melts in your mouth.

Use Lucuma for:
* Immune-enhancing activities
* To promote proper cell communication
* Low-glycemic addition to recipes
* Oxygenation of the blood

How to use Lucuma powder
Lucuma powder has a pleasantly sweet taste that can be described as rich, creamy and malty. In it’s raw powder form, Lucuma can be used to sweeten food and beverages. It is an excellent flavouring for raw chocolates and smoothies.
Our Lucuma fruit is sustainably grown and harvested at 2000 meters above sea level in the Oxapampa region of Peru and is solely processed by pulverising the dried fruit

100% Pure Lucuma fruit powder. contains no harmful toxins, and is organic and RAW